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Moving to CentOS

I finally bit the bullet and switched my workstation over from Windows 10 to CentOS 7. It’s something I’ve been curious about doing for a long time, but game development tools being heavily reliant on Windows has kept me from doing it. However, now that both Unreal and Unity have stable Linux builds, I don’t really have any excuses anymore!

For those unaware, CentOS is commonly used operating system within the VFX industry. Being able to change how things work under the hood makes it easier to squeeze the most out of your hardware, and have all your DCC be more deeply integrated with the OS. The CentOS distribution is popular mainly due to its stable nature (and maybe its lack of unforeen forced updates). Because of this commitment to stability, it will only update its software to newer versions if deemed absolutely necessary – something which can count as both a blessing and a curse. Getting the latest and greatest of any given software is of course always possible, but might be somewhat of an involved process.

I’m quite surprised at how well-supported Linux is these days – not only in terms of the heavy-duty work apps like Houdini and Substance, but convenient utilties such as Spotify, Simplenote, Slack, etc.

I wonder how long it’ll be until we see a wholly VFX-oriented distribution? Get on it, VES!

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